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We are a dedicated team of Real Estate Development and Investment professionals that specialize in public commercial type properties such as resorts, parks, marinas and unique remote destinations throughout America.  Our Management and Consulting team works with both the startup and established business looking to expand or return to profitability.  We bring together investors and the business with a great idea but lacking the necessary capital to bring it to life.  The team here at Gcora you may find a bit different, it is our policy and mind set to think outside of the box.  Sitting behind a desk in a suit and tie,  not for us.  Running the halls on skateboards and blades,  thats our style. Our Family policy, Employees are encouraged to bring their children and spouses.  Gcora is a Christian based company with a strong belief in family and having them involved in the workplace. Why you ask,  A fun family filled environment creates innovative thinking and productivity without end. That freedom of energy is used to create marketing plans to reach untaped resources, develop cutting edge ideas, bring in emerging engineering concepts and build alliances with others that compliment and further our vision.

Have a business you would like to sell,  We understand that your business is like a child, and finding just the right buyer to carry on your vision is important.

If you want the ordinary, go somewhere else with your business,  if you want creative, out of the box thinking with original visionary ideas, you have come to the right place.  Give us a call​





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